Aijaz Khan Tried To Mock The Modi Government And Got Shut Down By ‘Neeche Se Topper’


Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared a nationwide lockdown in order to contain the outspread of the novel coronavirus, which has affected the whole world badly. The restrictions came into force on Wednesday and will be enforced for 21 days until 14 April.

While the experts around the world are busy in finding a solution or a vaccine as a perfect treatment for the disease, on the other hand, the number of cases of increasing rapidly. The situation has been worsening every passing day. So far more than 21000 people have lost their lives to the disease around the world. Talk about the numbers of infected people in India, the total numbers have reached more than 650, with 12 people losing their lives to the disease.

In this crucial hour, while the whole world is struggling to cope up with the disease by staying indoors doctors and healthcare workers around the world risking their nice battling with the disease. As the numbers are increasing with every passing hour the medical facilities available in the country have become a grave concern for the government and for the people.

Considering the fact that a country like Italy which comes under the top healthcare-facilities rich countries in the world, is currently having the worst situation because of the outspread of Coronavirus, we can’t imagine the state of India in that condition. Prime Minister Modi’s decision of 21 days all India lockdown is the boldest decision taken by any country in the world.

Meanwhile, on microblogging site, Twitter actor Ajaz Khan, who is popularly known for his controversial remarks, has once again made a controversial statement amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Taking to his Twitter, Ajaz Khan reminded everyone of the Hindu Muslim Rio for the Ayodhya temple and wrote how we are in a bad need of hospitals and not of temples or mosques. He wrote:

Dear Indians, ab mandir chahiyay, masjid chahiyay, ya Hospital Chahiyay???”

iHere, check out the Tweet:

His tweet didn’t go down well with the Twitterati who started trolling him left, right and center for his controversial remarks. Amidst many a popular Twitter user with the name ‘ ‘Neeche se topper’ decided to school him by writing how it’s not the right time for this type of talk. He wrote:

Mandir bhi chahiye, masjid bhi chahiye, aur hospitals bhi chahiye bass iss waqt aise bakwas karne wale nahi chahiye’

Well, this isn’t the first time when ‘Neeche se topper’ has given a fitting reply to the actor. Earlier, the actor had tweeted:

Modiji is so upset with the Delhi election results that he has put Arvind Kejriwal’s cough in all the ringtone alerts.

Modiji is troll max”

To which ‘Neeche se topper’ wrote:” Also Modiji is so inspired with the ambiance in your comedy shows that he turned entire India into the same. NO CROWD ZONE!.”

Here, check out the hilarious banter:


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