Actress Sonam Kapoor admits that her father, Anil Kapoor is connected to Dawood Ibrahim through ‘Indian Cricket’: Here is what happened


Actress Sonam Kapoor Ahuja seems to be have made an inadvertent error. In her zeal, she seems to have admitted that her father, Anil Kapoor, is connected to gangster and terrorist Dawood Ibrahim who was responsible for the Mumbai blasts of 1993.

Sonam Kapoor had initially tweeted about the shooting that took place near Jamia. A man had fired two shots in the air and essentially said that in this country, only Hindus will prevail. Several questions were also raised about the authenticity of this ‘shooting’ since it happened only days after one Gulshan (name changed) fired a shot outside Jamia, and that shooting too, was suspicious.

Sonam Kapoor tweeted that this is something she ‘never imagined would happen in India’, clearly forgetting the Muslim mobs that ran riots for weeks after the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Act only recently. She further said, “Stop this divisive dangerous politics. It fuels HATE. If you believe yourself to be a Hindu then understand that the religion is about Karma and dharma and this is not either of those”.

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Sonam Kapoor is known to be anti-Modi and not particularly bright when it comes to making political statements. Her hypocrisy has also been exposed several times on Social Media.

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Since Sonam Kapoor did not utter a word when Muslim mobs were running riots and was more than willing to jump on the propaganda bandwagon about these recent incidents where clearly, questions on the authenticity of these incidents have been raised, fuelled a spate of responses to the actress.

Journalist Ashok Shrivastav was one of the people who responded to her tweet.

Ashok Shrivastav asked Sonal Kapoor Ahuja that she is generally very vocal about her opinions and hence, she should also tell the country what relation did her father, Anil Kapoor, have with terrorist Dawood Ibrahim. Taunting her for her previous tweet, he asked whether that relationship between her father Anil Kapoor and Dawood Ibrahim was of ‘Karma’ or ‘Dharma’.

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To that, Sonam Kapoor responded with a rather surprising tweet.

She admitted that the relationship between Terrorist Dawood Ibrahim and her father was of ‘Cricket. Indian Cricket’. Essentially, she implicitly said that Anil Kapoor and Dawood Ibrahim were connected not through ‘Karma’ (deeds) or ‘Dharma’ (religion), but through cricket.

One imagines that Sonal Kapoor must have thought that she is perhaps retorting with a snazzy and ‘secular’ response, however, she ended up admitting that her father was indeed connected to the terrorist through cricket.

In another response, Sonam said ‘He went to a cricket match with raj kapoor and krishna Kapoor. And was in a box to see it. I think you need to stop pointing fingers and there are three that point back at you . I hope lord Ram can forgive you for being evil and spreading violence’.

Interestingly, this is Sonam pointing fingers at a journalist who is asking questions while defending her father for meeting terrorist Dawood Ibrahim to watch a cricket match. Dawood Ibrahim is responsible for serial bombing Mumbai in 1993 that left several dead.

Srivastav replied that when one points a finger at others, three fingers point to oneself, andd since Sonam indulges in propaganda, that is why other fingers were pointing at her.

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To that, the journalist too responded sarcastically saying that he was not aware that the terrorist Dawood Ibrahim is also a ‘cricketer’.

For the sake of background, one must recall the infamous picture of Anil Kapoor along with terrorist Dawood Ibrahim.

Anil Kapoor with terrorist Dawood Ibrahim

Reportedly, this was a cricket match that was attended by Dawood Ibrahim and Anil Kapoor together and they were clicked. The match was reportedly between India and Pakistan.

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