Actress Shakeela’s daughter Milla praises Cook with Comali Ashwin, photo goes viral

Ashwin with Shakeela daughter Milla

It is known that the show ‘Cook with Comali’, which has been airing on Vijay TV for the last few months, has been top-rated. The number of fans for this show increases day by day as the cooks and comalis performing comedies with romance have been well-received among fans.

It is noteworthy that the image of actress Shakeela, one of the contestants attending the event, has completely changed, and now everyone is affectionately calling her a mother.

In this case, Shakeela brought her daughter Milla Babygal to a show on Vijay Tv, and ‘Cook with Comali’ Ashwin was on the same show. Shakeela’s daughter Milla, who posted the photo with Ashwin on her Instagram, has emotionally posted that ‘Ashwin is a brother from another mother.’ It is worth noting that this post and photo are currently going viral.

Cook With Comali team will be participating in the Start Music show on Vijay Tv.


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