Actress Kasthuri tweets in favour of Sanam Shetty, calls it an unfair eviction in Bigg Boss Tamil 4

Kasthuri about Sanam Shetty eviction

Is the Bigg Boss show about protecting mixer parties and company artists? Kasthuri, a Tamil actress and one of the former Big Boss contestants, has been featured on her social media site.

The departure of Sanam Shetty from the Bigg Boss show yesterday was a shock to the fans. Many believe that it would be unreasonable to expel Sanamsetti, who has boldly come forward with his opinion on every event while some of the contestants are inside, who have only eaten the mixer since the opening day, not given any condolences.

Actress Kasturi posted a tweet on her Twitter after it was confirmed that Sanam Shetty was evicted in this regard yesterday. He said: Those who still believe that a gay game is played by relying only on the people’s votes fairly and honestly should come to the stage. Do you know the name of Kalta Kutukkaratu for the cults who protect the mixing parties and company artists? Has recorded that.

It is noteworthy that he has already been a vocal critic of the Big Boss show, accusing him of not even being paid to attend the Big Boss show.


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