Actress Aathmika’s latest travel video goes viral on social media


The last hit movie released in 2017 starring hip hop Aadi was “Meesiya Murukku.” Actress Aathmika made her debut as the heroine in this film. And in her debut film, actress Aathmika attracted most of the Tamil fans. She was so well received that there was an expectation that she would be expected to be in more Tamil movies.

But actress Aathmika, who did not have a big chance, has acted in a few films like “Narakasooran,” “Katteri” and “Kannainambathe,” directed by Karthik Narain. Actress Admika has posted a video on her Instagram page. That video is set as he is traveling.

Recently, the photo and video of master image heroine Malavika Mohanan with wild animals went viral on social media. Actress Aathmika also released a video of herself currently traveling and said, “Always pause on the path you are on. Nature is amazing. ”

The video of actress Admika traveling on a road that looks like deer jumping and playing in that genre is currently going viral. And many fans have been posting likes for this video.


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