Actor Surya’s 24 Movie Part 2 – Director Vikram Kumar confirms sequel to this super hit movie

Surya 24 movie sequel

Surya’s last scifi release was 24 movie in 2016, starring Samantha, Saranya, Nithya Menon and Sathyan. Directed by Vikram K Kumar, the film was a delight to the screen fans. AR Rahman composed the film. Surya as the villainous Atreya, the director of the time travel scenes is perfect.

At this juncture, director Vikram K Kumar Galata appeared on Facebook and responded to fans’ queries. Fans lovingly asked us if the second part of the film would be released, and shared with us the tasty news. During the filming of the film’s climax for 24, Surya said the second part of the story was to be prepared.

We were determined to take the second part only if there was a good plot and screenplay, not just for the sake of the name. The scripts I have written to date have not satisfied me. If he is satisfied with that, he will definitely tell Surya. This news has made Surya fans happy.



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