Actor Prasanna apologises to Tamil Nadu Electricity Board for his remark on Electricity Bill and pays his dues

actor prasanna apology tneb

“It is not my intention to blame Tamil Nadu Electricity Board or blame the electricity bill,” Prasanna said in a letter.

A few days ago, Prasanna, the leading actor of the Tamil film industry, posted on his Twitter post that the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board is involved in robbery. “How many of you feel that the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board is being robbed in the midst of this Kovit curfew,” Prasanna said.

This tweet from Prasanna caused a great deal of debate. The Electricity Board today issued a statement in this regard. The report stated that Prasanna did not pay the tariff for the month of March and the reason for the increase in electricity tariffs. (Read the full report: Click Here)

Following the statement of the Tamil Nadu Electricity Board, Prasanna said in his Twitter post:

“It is true that I am usually accustomed to paying within 10 days from the date of the reading, for failing to pay for the readings in March. My tweet was to find out how many people think they have come up with a high fee. It is not my intention to blame TNEB or blame the bill. My appeal is to pay attention to the generally high fees that everyone has come to, so that the Board or the Government can somehow give the people a relaxed fee or a deadline for this issue in this difficult situation.

I mentioned the same in yesterday’s television conversation. I do not forget to gratefully acknowledge that in the curfew, the medical personnel, police and health departments have worked tirelessly as well as the officials. Otherwise there is no intention of criticising the Board or the State. I am sorry if my word has been deliberately misused by my staff and officials. I expect the Board and the Government to unload this unexpected burden on the people.

PS: I paid the entire amount fixed for my house this morning without any outstanding payments. “


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