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Ace The Quarantine Winner: Tara Prasad is the Winner Of the Title!


The Covid-19 lockdown led to the popularization of ‘quarantine’, ‘isolation’ and ‘social distancing’. After a successful run with the Ace of Space franchise, MTV India launched a new reality show called ‘Ace The Quarantine’. There is a lot of buzz in the last few days about this new reality show from MTV as the buzz around the probable contestants is trending on popular media platforms.

MTV Ace the Quarantine Finale 

The finale of ‘MTV Ace the Quarantine’ is scheduled to take place on the 18th of July 2020 from 5PM IST onwards. The finale will be telecasted on Facebook live. Prince Narula and Shruti Sinha are the guests of the show’s finale videos. From the eight finalists, the results of the winner boiled down to Tara Prasad, Arun and Sohil Singh.


Ace The Quarantine Finalists

According the host Divya Agarwal, Ace The Quarantine will feature around ten contestants. The first episode of Ace The Quarantine will introduce the contestants. The confirmed list of contestants for MTV Ace The Quarantine are:

  • Rowhi Rai
  • Yukti Thareja
  • Yukti Arora
  • Nikita Bhamidipati
  • Akshay Mhatre
  • Tara Prasad (MTV Roadies)
  • Sohil Singh
  • Arun Sharma
  • Akshay Kakkar

Ace The Quarantine Show Format, Rules and Regulations

The contestants of Ace The Quarantine will be given tasks which will be performed in their individual houses. A few trial runs and editing sequences have been completed.

Divya and Varun will be the hosts as well as the judges in terms of the contestants actions. However, the most interesting aspect of Ace The Quarantine will be the audience voting feature which will decide the winner. Ace The Quarantine will feature an exclusive sequence of highly entertaining tasks and the videos of the tasks will be captured by the contestants and sent to MTV.

It would be interesting if some contestants try to cheat or find hacks in doing some of the tasks. The tasks will be on the creative side rather than testing the endurance of the contestants like Roadies or relationship aspect like Splitsvilla.

Media Ki Maut was Yukti Arora’s video made for Ace The Quarantine. If you like the video,


MTV Ace the Quarantine Online Voting Procedure

The procedure to support your favorite quarantine entertainer is simple. The online voting for MTV Ace the Quarantine is possible through the Voot App or through the official Voot website. The procedure to vote is as follows:

  • Install the Voot App from Play Store or App Store.
  • Login with your Facebook or Gmail or Email credentials. (OR)
  • Open the following link – MTV Ace the Quarantine Online Voting Link
  • Click on the picture of your favorite contestant and click on Submit button.
  • The vote for your favorite contestant will be successfully registered.

MTV Ace the Quarantine Voting Online Poll

The fans of MTV Ace the Quarantine can also participate in the poll conducted by Wink Report. This is an unofficial poll but it would help us with predicting voting results by analysing with various voting polls that are taking place.

Vote for your favorite entertainer

Akshay Kakkar
Arun Sharma
Manhar Seth
Yukti Thareja
Yukti Arora
Tara Prasad
Rowhi Rai
Sohil Singh

MTV Ace the Quarantine Winner

Tara Prasad is the winner of MTV Ace the Quarantine.



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