Abhinav Agarwal’s Predators and Prey won’t let you sleep for a night or two at least


“Predators and prey” by Abhinav Agarwal is a fast-paced, nail-biting thriller that keeps you glued to the end. This novel is a veritable treat for many reasons. The main storyline emanates from a data theft at the NSA and provides a gripping, minute by minute account of the exciting events that follow within a short period of time. In the process, the alert reader learns a lot about what access to individual data means in our times.

We also get to see the battle for supremacy at the highest and deepest levels of power. A well-informed reader will recognize shades of real-life political influencers among the characters. For example, how can a story about espionage and security not have a fictional analogue of Ajit Doval? They will also form interesting perspectives about some events that have shaped our current geopolitical landscape.

Read: ‘Predators and Prey’. Mounted on a big canvas, Abhinav Agarwal’s book is a fast-paced thriller ready for a movie script

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The pace of the writing is relentless; it is impossible to relax at any moment of the story. The detailed visual descriptions make you feel as if you are travelling with the protagonist(s). Just as you start to feel that they have seen the worst, a new development makes you sit up with a start.

All in all, every minute spent reading this book is worth it. For enhanced enjoyment, one should either read it on a flight (and therefore, without distractions from the internet) or late at night when everyone else is asleep.

The only downside is that at least for a couple of days after reading this book, the sensitive reader will be scared. Very scared.

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