A User Requested Krishna To ‘Open His Eyes’ And He Got His Wish Fulfilled But With A Twist


We, at FunniestIndian.com, keep sharing stories from Twitter with our readers because not every person has a Twitter account. Twitter is one of the most interesting, intellectual and entertaining platforms on the internet, In fact, many would say that it is the best platform.

Now, when we talk of Twitter, one of the first few names that come to our minds is Krishna aka Atheist Krishna. Krishna is one of the most loved and followed Twitter celebrities in India and he produces some of the most viral content on the platform.

He is a master of Photoshop and his skills are so good that even the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi follows him on Twitter. Many Bollywood stars like Akshay Kumar, are admirers of his work.

Krishna has more than 3,50,000 followers on Twitter and he keeps engaging with them through his art. Every day, hundreds of people send Krishna their pictures and ask him to do his photoshop magic. As per the availability of time, Krishna picks and chooses some pictures and does his magic.

A User Asked Krishna To Take Him To America And He Did His ‘Trademark’ Magic

Recently, one of his followers shared his pictures with his friends and requested Krishna to open his shut eyes through his photoshop skills.

But, Krishna being Krishna added a small twist to the tale. He did open the eyes of the person who requested but he also closed the eyes of all others who are present in the picture. Check it out here:

And, as always, his followers enjoyed his little masti with photoshop.

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