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A Twitter User Asked Krishna To Photoshop His Picture With A Celebrity And He Did His Magic


The Internet is filled with creative minds with innovative ideas, however, not everyone uses their creativity and innovation to bring a smile on someone else’s face. But there’s one great soul on Twitter who makes people happy and brings a smile on everyone’s faces using his photoshopping skills.

Well, we are talking about the Indian photoshopping wizard — Radhakrishna Panga aka Atheist Krishna on Twitter. Krishna takes requests on Twitter to photoshop images and he does exactly what people ask him but sometimes he gives them what actually they want and the results are hilarious.

Recently, a Twitter user shared a selfie of himself and requested Krishna to photoshop the picture in such a way that it looks as if he is in a company of a celebrity. Requesting Krishna to photoshop his picture, the Twitter user wrote:

Hey bro..add any celebrity with me..plzz”

And Krishna did his magic. He added a picture of a celebrity with the Twitter user but he still managed to leave everyone in splits. Krishna did exactly what the Twitter user wanted him to do (a picture with a celebrity) but the result wasn’t what the Twitter user had expected.

Well, Krishna added a picture of celebrity but turned out Krishna added a picture of the infamous celebrity Kamaal R. Khan with the selfie of the Twitter user.

Here, check out the result shared by Krishna on his Twitter handle:

However, this isn’t the first time that Krishna has left everyone loling with the magic of his creativity. Here, have a look at some of his finest yet hilarious photoshopped images:




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