A Sausage-Themed ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Puzzle Rubbed Fans The Wrong Way


Unless you are really good at Wheel of Fortune some of its puzzles can make for some uncomfortable guessing, especially if you’re mind’s in the gutter. But one real puzzle from the show on Thursday proved that you might be on the right track with some suggestive sayings, especially if you’re playing a Before & After puzzle.

Fans on Twitter got all hot and bothered on Thursday night when a puzzle about Italian sausage got a bit too, well, frisky. This isn’t a post about Wheel contestants messing up, as they got it right. But the actual puzzle answer was a bit… curious. Here, let’s see if you can get the correct response.

This is what we’re looking at:

ON _ _

If you’re not sure how Before & After works, the last word of the first phrase is the first word of the second. So if you’re seeing “Italian Sausage,” well, good. But is the first… brushing? No, that can’t be right.

Yes, yes it is. Cue the vapors for some Wheel fans.

Even Pat Sajak made subtle note of the, uh, euphemism.

“Uh…it’s a grilling expression,” he said.

The official Twitter account made no mention of the kerfuffle it started on Thursday night but to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it posted a video of folks hugging after winning the big prize.

See? That’s more of the nice, wholesome content we’re used to on The Wheel. None of that sausage talk.


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