A Reporter Left Face Filters On While Reporting On Facebook Live And The Video Has Gone Viral


Social media is a funny place and we at FunniestIndia.com keep looking for funny stories for our readers. While looking out for funny stories today for our readers we came across a hilarious video of a California weatherman that will leave you splits.

Well, when it comes to live-reporting there is always a risk of things going wrong, especially if you are someone popular and are being followed by millions. Recently, a North California weatherman learned this the hard way when he accidentally left the face filters on while he was reporting live on the weather.

As hilarious as it may sound but when the weatherman named Justin Hinton started reporting about the snow around the Asheville area, he wasn’t aware of the multiple face filters that were appearing on the screen. As he continued giving updates about the weather his look kept changing in several disguises including space jet pilot, weightlifter, and a wizard among many others.

However, Justin Hinton soon realized the blunder when he went through the comments people came up with during the live video. Reacting to his own goof-up, Hinton can be heard saying:

“Now I am excited to look back at the video and see what’s happening to my face,”

The video of the same goof-up is going viral on social media leaving everyone in splits. Here, watch the video:

After being shared on various platforms, later on, the video has garnered several hilarious reactions on it, with many people thanking him for making their day. Here, check out the reactions of Netizens on it:

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