A Bollywood Director Asked “Will They Open Beedi-Cigarette Shops?” And Got An Apt Reply From Richa Chadha


Amidst of 21days lockdown for coronavirus, Bollywood director asked, ‘Bidi cigarette shop will open’, so got a reply from the actress Richa Chadha.

Director Anubhav Sinha asked the Prime Minister about this 21days lockdown that if the cigarette shop will be open or not in this period. As Prime Minister addresses the nation for the second time yesterday and declared national lock-down for the next 3 weeks till 15th April to prevent the spread of Coronavirus infection.

Now Bollywood director Anubhav Sinha tweeted a tweet on this. He asked by tweeting, “A question that no one is asking openly, will this bidi cigarette shop will be open?”. Sinha’s Twitter post receiving many replies and reactions from his audience on the social platform. One of the dominant actresses of Bollywood, Richa Chadha also has given an appropriate reply on the quarries of the director Anubhav.

Richa Chadha replied to Anubhav Sinha on Twitter, “Best time to quit! Come on!” Though Anubhav Sinha yet not react on this comment of Richa Chadha. But this tweet by Richa Chadha (Twitter) is becoming very viral and people are also commenting on it a lot.

At the same time, curfew was imposed in many states even before the announcement of PM Narendra Modi (PM Modi), as well as many states, were locked down.

However, now the country has been completely closed. Also, cases of people infected with Coronavirus are increasing continuously in India. So far 562 people have been infected with this virus, in which 11 people have lost their lives till now.

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