A 18 Year Old Playboy Gets Shock after Seeing all of His 14 Girlfriends arrived at His Own House –


Hello People !!! A very happy Valentine’s day to all our readers..

Well!! When we talk bout 14th Feb , its the day to confess our love to someone whom we love . Although , it’s the culture from West and they celebrate it in the memory of their god Valentine . Nonetheless , it’s the way to express love , so no harm in accepting this culture.

But have you ever thought , if this love is spread to more than one person and they all get to know about this .?? Can you even think of that scenario ?

Our today’s story is based on this situation … Let’s see :

A guy with that Casanova instinct was dating 14 girls at a time.. Wow!! that’s a huge number , I must say .. The playboy named Rakib , who is 18 YO , used to have that love game with his girlfriends . But came one day ,which made him landed in hospital literally.

On Valentine’s day, Rakib was all set to meet up all his girlfriends but was shocked to see all of them together . Now comes the question , how all the girls came up together ??

The secret was revealed through his cell phone , when one of his girlfriend named Jorina ,came to know that he was cheating on her and other girls too . The number was big , so she decided to message everyone and invited them to his house at the same time . FYI , the boy was planning to meet all the girlfriends at different time slots .

Reading a really bad news on social media

They wanted to teach the lesson to their boyfriend but all of them , after seeing guy’s condition felt sorry for him. They went out with a heavy heart as they all are still in love with him and are ready to share their love for him among themselves.

What do you guys think about this love ?? Feel free to share your thoughts in the section below ..



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