8 Coincidental Points Prove Why Leonardo DiCaprio is Akshay Kumar Of Hollywood –


Akshay Kumar is compared to Leonardo DiCaprio – quite shocking hah! Many of you are raising your eyes as how on earth the duo can be compared but these eight reasons can make you think for a while to consider their awesome resemblance throughout their career path.

1- Both Leo and Akshay have come from modest backgrounds and experienced a fair share of struggle before achieving their success in the chosen path of acting. While DiCaprio smells the success with Titanic, Akshay got his recognition with Mohra. Both have worked their way to success with their hard work and talent.

2- Both of them are no strangers to full blown mainstream movies (Leo’s claim to fame is Titanic while Akshay has a string of masala films to his name like Singh Is Bliing, The Khiladi series to name a few) but they have also been a part of some intense, performance based flicks. 

3- Akshay, like Leo, grew strength to strength acquiring more skills and expertly juggling various genres. They both put in a lot of effort for their roles.

4- They are the perfect boy next door who allure the girls with their suave charm. Be the Arjun from ‘Namastay Landon’ or Jack Dawson from ‘Titanic’, they make the women go gaga over their charm.

5- Both of them expertly juggle through various genres. While Leo exposed us his different side in the films like ‘Blue Diamond’ and ‘Inception’, Akshay has amazed us in some sombre films like ‘Baby’ and ‘Airlift’.

6- Leo was always considered a bit of an underrated actor when it comes to receiving awards. If you try to look for parallels back home, one name comes to mind. Akshay Kumar. Though these two have not always received awards despite churning out dazzling performances, they have always maintained their status as A-listers. 

With all the hard work and ample times of nomination, Leo gets his desired appreciation from ‘The aviator’ and ‘The Departed’, where Akshay started collecting awards from ‘Ajnabee’ and ‘Garam Masala’.

7- Both of them enjoy a huge fan following despite being ignored by the respective award committees.

8-Both of them are actively involved in social activities and charities, supporting different causes of the society.



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