7 Times Priyanka Chopra Raised our Eyebrows by her Embarrassing Oops Moments –


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The glam girl Priyanka Chopra Jonas , who is an Indian International face is one of the versatile actress . She has been representing India at various platforms abroad and that’s a unique thing about her .

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But most of the times , she gets trolled for her choice of outfits . We can say that it’s her choice of carrying the attire she is in . Apart from that , there have been some moments , when our desi girl has been in the situation of wardrobe malfunction .

We have brought to you some of the moments today , where Peecee had lost control of what she wore .

Let’s have a look :


Priyanka oops moment

Recently, Priyanka Chopra wore a black outfit , when gone out with her spouse Nick .Her dress was donned with sheer at the bottom with large floral prints. In one picture, PeeCee was seen holding her handbag to avoid any picture that might have caused a wardrobe malfunction. But it was an oops moment as she was seen a bit uncomfortable while getting clicked.


Priyanka oops moment

The second time she was spotted during a live show , where she was adjusting her inner-wear and faced a wardrobe malfunction and she was seen uncomfortable with her outfit. The outfit was slipping and exposing her cleavage.


Priyanka oops moment

One of the picture and video of PeeCee got viral when she faced an oops moment when she was filming a scene of ‘Isn’t It Romantic’ with Adam Devine in Central Park, New York. She was in a pink cold shoulder dress, where Devine was seen gripping the actress from behind. When she turns to face Devine, one side of her dress fell out of place and her cleavage was revealed.


Priyanka oops moment

One of the wardrobe malfunction Priyanks faced at the Vanity Fair after-party that she attended with Nick Jonas. Their PDA was caught on camera but also the actress’ wardrobe malfunction. She donned a shimmering black gown with a plunging neckline. As she bowed to laugh, a large part of her cleavage was caught on the cameras.


Priyanka oops moment

The girl faced one of the embarrassing moment at fashion faux pas at the launch of a show in Mumbai where Priyanka was crowned India’s glam diva. She looked stunning in the short dress but her oops moment got clicked and her inner-wear was visible on the cameras.

# 6

Priyanka oops moment

With her hubby in a glam party , PeeCee faced a wardrobe malfunction , where she wore a black leather dress. Her side b**bs were totally revealed in the dress .


Priyanka oops moment

May we call it a bad choice , when Peecee wore a visible panty in her transi black net skirt .. Now this is something terrible , I must say ..She was at the launch event for her new single ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’.

So girls!! what are your suggestions to the diva ..??



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