6th Annual Vijay TV Awards to air on 11th April 2021, starts today with Parivattam

Vijay Awards

Vijay TV’s 6th Annual Awards Ceremony is taking place when the election festival is in full swing in Tamil Nadu. The show airs on Vijay TV on April 11, 2021.

Vijay TV is finding talented people, giving them a chance, and making them shine as celebrities. Besides, it presents awards in honor of talented people and their work.

Fans and TV viewers have well received Vijay TV’s award ceremony. Movie stars, TV stars, and many more will be participating in the Vijay TV Awards ceremony. Preparations for this year’s Vijay TV 6th Annual Awards Ceremony are in full swing. It will be a huge show treating the fans. The Vijay TV Award Ceremony airs on April 11.

As a preview of the 6th annual Vijay TV Awards, four previews honor Vijay TV’s serious fans.

Before Vijay TV’s 6th Annual Awards Ceremony, special programs are ready to air on Vijay TV every Sunday afternoon. The first show Parivattam, airs on March 14th. Enga Veetu Mahalakshmi on March 21, Enga Area Ulla Varadhe on March 28, Varuthapadadha Valibar Sangam on April 4, and the 6th Annual Vijay TV Awards will be telecasted on the 11th April.

6th Annual Vijay TV Awards Parivattam:

The 6th annual Vijay TV Award Ceremony Parivattam airs next Sunday at 3 p.m. Pandian Stores, Bhagyalakshmi, Bharathi Kannamma Serial Families will compete with each other through acting and tasks to decide which of the 4 most popular serial families is the best. The winners will receive ‘Parivattam’ honors.


Enga Veetu Mahalakshmi airs on Sunday afternoon, March 21st. This is an entertaining girls party show. To get rid of the serials’ stress and problems, all the women gather as fictional characters for a party.

Enga Area Ulla Varade:

Enga Area Ulla Varade will be telecast on Vijay TV on the afternoon of March 28. It is an entertaining competition show with acting and tasks between popular serial family members on Vijay TV. In it, every family says they will win maximum awards at the main event.


VARUTHAPPADATHA VAALIBAR SANGAM 04 April show airs on Sunday afternoon, April 4th. The Vijay TV Awards Festival begins with a grand opening called Song and Dance. All reality show crews are there to create a festive mood celebration through various innovative shows.

Vijay TV’s 6th Annual Awards Ceremony

Vijay TV’s 6th Annual Awards Ceremony airs on the afternoon of April 11th. Awards are presented in 30 categories. The awards show runs for 6 hours with emotional moments of colorful dance, music, acting, and comedy. DD and Ma Ka Pa Anand are hosting Vijay TV’s 6th Annual Awards Ceremony.

Vijay TV Awards, Best Hero, Best Heroine, Best Mother Actress, Best Father Actor, Best In-laws, Best Daughter Actress, Best Son Actor, Best Daughter Actress, Best Serial, Favorite Family, Best Supporting Actor Male, Best Supporting Actress Female, Best The award is given in 30 categories including comedy serial, best villain actor, on-screen favorite couple.

Vijay TV’s 6th Annual Awards Ceremony is full swing as the election festivities are in full swing. Before that, Parivattam will air on Sunday, March 14, at 3 pm. Vijay TV has released the promo of the show Parivattam. Fans are eager to watch the Vijay TV Awards Festival.


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