60 Yr Old Mother of 7 Falls in Love with 22 Yr Old Man in Agra, Police Files FIR –


60 Yr Old Mother of 7 Falls in Love with 22 Yr Old Man in Agra, Police Files FIR

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Love is the most precious feeling in the world and it is always said that love has no boundaries . It does not see any religion , caste or age . But someone has to be behind the bars for his love and the wish to get married to an already married one , which is actually illegal as per the law .

Our today’s story is related to the same , where a 22 year old male and 60 year old female is in love with each other but her family filed case against the boy.

This is the case of Agra Uttar Pradesh where a 22-year-old man fell in love with a 60-year-old woman who is a mother and grand mother of seven children .

Husband and son of the woman turned up-to police station to file FIR against the boy .

It was then , when the boy unfolded the truth as he asserted that the lady and he were in love with each other . and wanted to get married .

Police told the couple cannot share such relationship and they need to change their mind with the end of the love they are into . As the lovers tried to protest, the cops quickly registered an FIR against the 22-year-old man for causing disharmony in the region. The woman later came to his rescue at the police station to apply for his bail.

Police was also unable to retain the boy in the lock-up, abiding by the law .

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The next step is still not revealed yet and still to be known..



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