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6 Bollywood Stars Who faced Unfortunate Fall on a Live Stage –


Almost every one of us has experienced that awkward moment when we trip over something and fall on the ground. We usually let it pass by laughing at it, but imagine happening this in front of a crowd. Quite embarrassing, right?

We view our favorite celebrities as flawless creatures, but even they take tumbles on or off the stage. But these superstars pick themselves back up, like nothing happened because the show must go on!

Here are some of the Bollywood celebs who had experienced fall on stage.

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi tripped on the ramp during a fashion event but she gathered herself really quickly and continued walking with a smile. In yet another incident Sonakshi was walking on ramp with Akshay Kumar. She was having trouble in walking as the ends of her rather long and heavy kurta kept coming in her way. Akshay Kumar made the situation funny by pretending to trip on the ramp himself.

Poonam Dhillon

Veteran actress Poonam Dhillon had to face a rather embarrassing situation at an fashion event when she tripped and fell on the ramp. Her sari got stuck in her heels and she tripped and fell flat on the ramp. But Poonam quickly gathered herself and completed the walk.

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana was seen struggling with her black gown in an fashion event. She looked very uncomfortable and almost tripped on the ramp. She even stopped in the middle of the ramp to manage her gown.


Sridevi was dressed in a body hugging gown, during fashion designer Neeta Lulla’s show at the Lakme Fashion Week in 2010. She was the showstopper. Maybe it was the jitters or just the dress but she almost tripped on the ramp. However, she maintained her composure and completed her ramp walk.

Sushmita Sen

In 2012, during a jewellery week, Sushmita almost tripped as the ends of her gown got stuck in her heels, but she called her mother on stage, asked her to manage the dress, and continued walking as if nothing happened.

Varun Dhawan

During an award function, Varun made an entry sitting atop a tank, but when he was getting down, he tumbled and fall injuring his foot. But he immediately got up and started dancing.




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