5 bad effects of wearing tight jeans


Everyone loves to flaunt the shape of their legs. Both men and women love to wear tight jeans pants. Tight pants will allow you to flaunt the shape of your legs. But they seem to affect health in certain ways.

Though there isn’t enough evidence to back these claims, wearing tight jeans could be unhealthy to both men and women. There are so many cases where the effects of tight pants could be studied.

Though the effect is seen more when one wears jeans, any material could pose a problem especially when it hugs the skin too tight, making it tough for the skin to breathe and the nerves to function well. Read on to know more…

Risk #1: In men, tight pants are bad for fertility. Yes, men who wear pants that are too tight may have a higher risk of suffering low sperm counts.

Risk #2: The problem with tightness of pants is that they heat up the privates without allowing any air. Heating up of the reproductive areas is bad for both men and women.

Risk #3: Some sources even claim that extremely tight pants may squeeze the testicles and may cause some amount of damage to the privates of men (they may also cause cancer!).

Risk #4: In women, tight pants could increase the risk of urinary tract infections and yeast infections. What causes it? Well, again overheating of the privates.

Risk #5: Some studies also claim that wearing tight pants could affect the hip joints. How? Well, the tightness could restrict the mobility of the legs. And this could indirectly affect the spine too.


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