30 Most Interesting 3D Street Art We Found On The Internet


Street art is a visual art form which executed in a community surrounding like building, trains, street walls and on the street. To many, street arts are still ravaging work. But street arts are rather a composition of the public statement where street artists are trying to raise some awareness, giving messages, protesting about political or environmental situation and sometimes portraying a beautiful artwork.

There are many forms of street art, 3D street art is one of them. Milano based artist Cosimo Cheone Caiffa creates such wonderful 3D street artist who can transform an empty space and wall into a piece of amazing 3D interactive artwork. Cosimo’s creation can make a pop up artsy by his 3D art technique. One can become a part of his art piece if get clicked from a specific angle. In an interview the artist Caiffa said,

 “The idea was born from the desire to get out of the box, and in all my designs I try to send messages of unease, the joy of life and what surrounds me,”

Here are 30 fascinating 3D art pieces by Cosimo Cheone Caiffa for you.

#1 Who painted the zebra crossing!

#2 The beauty of an innocent fuzzy creature.

#3 Like popped up from the Frog Prince story.

#4 To the light! It is incredible how the lamp post is being held by the hand in this 3D art.

#5 Stay in swag even if your stock is tearing apart!

#6 A handmade passion.

#7 What to say!

#8 The concept and the execution, together became a composition.

#9 Let’s put a smile on your face! Only, it is not the creepy version.

#10 How could one resist be looking back twice!

#11 Interactive art piece indeed!


#12 Because the baby inside need to be treated despite ages, right?

#13 An empty wall chewed by amazing wall art.

#14 A giant aquarium 3D art. What a peaceful view in the middle of a public place.

#15 A careful attention!

#16 Perfection.

#17 That wall kind of needed a snail!

#18 Like dementors from Harry Potter series are still in that tunnel!

#19 Mesmerizing creation.

#20 The detailing of the art piece is surprising.

#21 Wonderful!

#22 What if the iron gate turns into greener site for a while even if though an artwork?

#23 A colourful mess that no one regret to adore as many times as they can be.

#24 And the scary part!

#25 The adorable one.

#26 It seems like the creature is almost right there!

#27 Because imagination has no limits and it should not be!

#28 We keep amazed by his art pieces.

#29 Sparkling eyes!

#30 It is happiness.


What is your thought about this ‘smart vandalism’?


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