17 Funny Pictures Of Indians Shamelessly Breaking Public Rules


Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country, proverb says. But it seems people are running out of their civic sense. When it comes to obey the public rules, here are the examples of Indians who did not care for any of it.

#1 A perfect example of identity crisis!

#2 This needs some serious talent and courage too!!

#3 No seats no problem, even in metro!

#4 This is not what is expected from real men.

#5 Which is more prominent here, illiteracy or ignorance!

#6 In terms of breaking rules ye bhi kisi se kam nahi!

#7 Jay walking is rule breaker… says who!

#8 Time is precious but a life is even more…

#9 Even the cow knew where to stand on a traffic signal!

#10 How much risk one can take to save some delivery vehicle charges?

#11 It’s all written on a board still lacking the sense of sanity.

#12 Put up as many signs you want to, people will keep painting the town red.

#13 Some people just won’t listen no matter how many ways you try to convince them.

#14 A common train journey scenario in India and it is a life-threatening risk.

#15 Is it that hard to have a little more civic sense as a responsible citizen of a country!

#16 Kya Kehna!

#17 Footpath is only for pedestrians, says who!

A country can not be developed by merely introducing rules. It needs a well behaved community and thus have an enduring impact on every growth aspect of a society. And a civic society leads the country towards a 360 degree development. Therefore it continues to produce civic generation for a significant period of time in the future.



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