13 Reasons Why Donald Trump’s Beast Is The Safest Car In The World


President of United States Donald Trump and US First Lady Melania Trump will reach Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International (SVPI), Ahmedabad on 24th February by flying the highest security aircraft, Air Force One and commute the visiting locations by modified unique Cadillac, known as ‘Beast’.

The modified limousine Beast considered as the most secure car across the world. Two identical General Electric-made Cadillac One limousines are modified, 2018 model. They carry the same Washington DC license plates 800-002.

The body of the Beast is at least five inches thick, covered with military-grade amour. The Beast’s body thickness can survive bomb attacks. Dual hardness steel, titanium, aluminium and ceramic are combined together to resist the projectiles.

Interior Facilities:

The President seats in the rear compartment of the Beast and at least four occupants can be seated with glass partition. Only the President has access to a switch that can lower the glass partition. The Beast has a panic button and its own oxygen supply as well. It also carries a fridge with the president’s blood type and medical supplies.

The rear seat of the President has a satellite phone with a direct line to the Vice President and the Pentagon. The car’s fuel tank is armoured-plated which filled with special kind of foam that can protect it from exploding even after a car crash.

The boot part of the Beast has a fire fighting system, smoke-screen and tear gas dispensers.

Exterior Facilities:

The doors of the highest security car are armoured-plated, 8 inches thick and it weighs as much as that of the cabin door of a Boeing 757 jet. When the door closes, they can develop a 100% seal to shelter the occupants even if from an incident like a chemical attack also able to hit back trespassers by electrifying.
The windows built up with more 5 layers of glass and polycarbonate which can hold against armour- piercing bullets. None of the windows is openable except the driver’s window that too by 3 inches only.

The chassis of the Beast is built with reinforced steel plates which can prevent the vehicle from the attacks of bombs. The Kevlar-reinforced tyres are puncture and shred resistant and have still rims from underneath. This building is capable to run the car even after tyres are destroyed.

Reasons what makes The Beast is the safest car in the world:

#1 The Beast has a satellite phone which can directly connect to the Vice President and the Pentagon

#2 The vehicle is armed with tear gas cannons and pump-action shotguns.

#3 When the car door closes, they can form a full proof seal to protect the riders from chemical attack due to its armoured-plated security.

#4 The Beast’s windows are able to resist armour- piercing bullets for its 5 layers of glass and polycarbonate built.

#5 The reinforced steel plates chassis of the Beast can survive bomb attack.

#6 Tyres are puncture and shred proof and capable to move even if it destroyed for the still rims from underneath of the tyres.

#7 The fuel tank of the Beast will not explode even after the car crash for its built.

#8 The vehicle has its own panic button, a supply chamber of oxygen, medical kits and a refrigerator which has President’s blood type.

#9 The driver’s chamber has a communications centre and GPS tracking system.

#10 In front, there is a hidden camera with a night-vision facility under the grilles.

#11 The Beast is driven by a chauffeur who was specially trained under US Secret Service. The chauffeur is capable to confront the most challenging driving condition that includes escaping, dodging and 180 degrees ‘J Turn’.

#12 The Beast has tear gas dispenser and fire fighting system.

#13 The vehicle can also prevent other vehicles from chasing it by spilling oil slick.

The Beas will be around in India by the POTUS and the US First Lady Melania in their coming two days official visit in India on 24th and 25th February 2020. Us President Trump is the First serving President to visit Gujrat who will also inaugurate the Sardar Patel Stadium which will be the world’s largest cricket stadium after the event NAMASTE TRUMP on the same day of his arrival


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