12 Most Annoying Facts About the Bollywood in Recent Times –


Bollywood, often incorrectly used as the Indian film industry, used to make classics once upon a time. There was the golden era of the 1950s when movies like Mother India, Pyaasa and Kaagaz Ke Phool were the pride of the industry. But those were the glory days.

Now, winter is upon B-town and I’m fed up of the crap they’re churning out. These days, only few actors know how to act, only few directors make sensible movies, and the rest are just terrible.

1- 100 Crore club is the new trend in Bollywood now a days. Some crap movies (Ra.One, Krrish 3, Chennai Express and Dhoom 3 to name a few) earn crores in the very first week of the release and are considered hit despite the bad scripts. Mostly high budget films are extremely low on direction and script!

2- And whatever happened to originality? Does this word mean anything to our producers? Getting inspired clearly means getting a photocopy to them!And we don’t even get the ‘copying’ right!

3- Shitty movies like Ragini MMS earned more than Paan Singh Tomar, The Lunch Box or Gangs Of Wasseypur.

4- Unreal action sequences that defy gravity!

5- Barfi! which was copied from 20 other movies was sent for ‘India’s official entry for Oscar’ by film experts (FFI) because they were not aware that of this fact. Seriously?????

6- Super-hero films make you want to run to the hills!

7-  Vivek Oberoi compared his acting to Heath Ledger’s the Joker in The Dark Knight. Does he know the difference between the Joker and being a Joker???

8- Mr. Perfectionist lost his mind and did Dhoom 3.

9- This guy thinks he is Leonardo DiCaprio, and he is the future of Bollywood.

10- It’s either an item song or an almost item song to go with every film. And they have absolutely no relevance in the film.

11- Our actors are becoming more prettier then before. Like him…

12- And dumber too.



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