11 Bollywood Actresses & Their Funny Nicknames Will Surely Make You Go LOL! –


Nicknames are cute and funny often touted to be as an expression of fondness. Nicknames are given to us by our family and friends based on our persona.

Just like you and me, our Bollywood celebrities have nicknames too! No matter they like it or not, but for some reason, they are given weird names that will make you go ROFL!

Let’s scroll through some celebs unique and chucklesome nicknames.

1- Priyanka Chopra

Bollywood turned Hollywood actress commonly known as ‘PeeCee’ also goes by name ‘Piggy Chops’ as given to her by former co-actor and friend Abhishek Bachchan. Though she is also called ‘Mithoo’ as she used to mimic people as a kid. She is also called as ‘Mimi’ by her family inspired from Mimi Rogers, French Actress.

2- Kareena Kapoor

Kareena is known as ‘Bebo’ from her family to fences. There is no specific reason behind this name. Bebo? We know Bebe not Bebo! Kareena Kapoor had a song made around her name too. Remember ‘Bebo mein Bebo, Dil Mera Le lo’ from Kambakkht Ishq?

3- Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor has the most hilaroiys nicknames of all. Due to her fabulous height, Sonam’s dad, Anil Kapoor used to tease her with the name Giraffe.

4- Alia Bhatt

Alia Bhatt was all bubbly and chubby as a teenager. So her friends and family used to call her Aaloo to tease her. Alia’s nickname list does not end here. She is also got nicknames like Aloo Kachaalu, Batata Vada, Aloo Baalu, Aloo Kalu and Alools. Everything related to Aloo we must say.

5- Karisma Kapoor

Just like her sister, Karisma too has a weird nickname. She is called Lolo by her family and friends. I mean why this name? What does Lolo mean?

6- Shraddha Kapoor

She is definitely one beautiful actor, with a charming aristocracy about her, but amongst her close friends and family, Shraddha is lovingly called by the funny nickname of Chirkoot, given to her by none other than her childhood buddy, Varun Dhawan.

7- Bipasha Basu

Now, happily married, absolutely hot Bipasha was a very happy healthy and bonny baby owing to this fact she was nicknamed as Bonnie by her parents. Her fans and friends love to call her Bips.

8- Celina Jaitley

Former Miss India, who also acted in many Bollywood movies, is also known for her hot avatar on screen and off screen. Her Nickname is “Chinky”

9- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

She is definitely the most aristocratic and beautiful actress, ever graced the earth. Truly her elegance and her beauty absolutely deter us from believing that her nickname is as goofy as Gullu, which totally does not fit her persona, but well it’s definitely cute!

10- Sushmita Sen

Titu, that is what Sushmita Sen is known by her family and friends. We don’t know about you, but we think it’s definitely got a nice ring to it.

11- Madhuri Dixit

Dhak Dhak girl of Bollywood, Madhuri has a funny nickname “Bubbly”.

So, are you still feeling embarrassed about your nickname?



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