10 Strict Rules That King Jong-Un’s Wife Has To Follow In North Korea


Kim Jong-Un is Kim Jong-Il’s son, the third one from the family to rule as the Supreme Leader of North Korea. Undoubtedly, he is the most powerful person in North Korea. Usually, as we have seen in the case of First Ladies like Hilary Clinton or Michelle Obama, they have shown interest and contributed to national politics and international collaborations. It is not the same case for Ri Sol-Ju, North Korea’s First Lady. As a matter of fact, she lives a completely different life which wrapped in secrecy.

Here’s a list of 7 strict rules that she has to follow and it reflects an archaic and orthodox mentality of Kim Jong- Un’s family:

1. The marriage was not consensual

In 2009 after the authoritarian suffered a stroke, Kim Jon-Il asked his son to get married to Ri Sol-Ju. There was no time or rather no audacity could be shown to not follow the ruler’s order and they were soon married off without her consent.

2. A new identity post marriage

Believe it or not, Ri Sol-Ju is the new name that she adopted post her marriage. Her birth name, early life, all her documents, etc. have been hidden away. She was forced to live with a new identity.

3. No family time for Ri Sol-Ju

Being from a renowned family yet, she is not allowed to visit here family home or for that matter meet her own family. It is even said that she has not met her family since her marriage to Kim.

4. Her wardrobe and hairdos are under constant check

Over the years, her personal style kept changing and it was pretty well maintained as per the Supreme’s order. Earlier she was seen sporting Western looks with personalized accessories. Now, with growing age, the ensembles are mostly traditional.

5. No press or public presence

Ri Sol-Ju’s public appearances and press releases are always under check. Not many pictures or press releases can be found where she is under the limelight. It is to that extent that even her kids do not have many pictures that are released. Unlike other First ladies, she is confined to not having any say in the matters of the state or the Supreme’s family diplomacies. If not national functions or festivals, she is hardly seen to accompany Kim during times of any national address or event.

6. She is not allowed to travel outside North Korea

Ever since Ri got married, she has not stepped foot outside North Korea. She does not have permission! Earlier that, it is believed that she studied in China and also participated in sports events in South Korea as a cheerleader.

7. Secret and forced pregnancies

All the pregnancies were hidden and those months she used to disappear from any form of public contacts. The medieval mentality of the Supreme family was so that she had to keep getting pregnant until she could give Kim a son. After two daughters, she finally bore a son for an heir and freed herself from this cruel orthodoxy.

It is shameful to see how Ri being from an educated elite family is treated like this whereas countries like the UK and the USA among other forward countries have modernized their thoughts and gave rights to their First ladies.

Do you think this is just a North Korean mindset or it prevails in micro levels everywhere?

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