10 Runway Outfits That Look Totally Different on Models and Celebrities –


Runway models have perfect proportions — they are tall and also have endlessly long legs. It’s believed that clothes look more showy and advantageous on these body shapes. But is this always true?

We  selected 10 runway outfits that actresses and singers have worn too and offer you the chance to decide who those outfits look best on: models with ideal body shapes or celebrities with ordinary body shapes?

1- Christian Dior / Jennifer Lawrence

The actress is well aware of what fashion is all about (or it’s her stylist who knows). Changing the bra a bit and adding the belt made the dress look more glamorous.

2- Christian Dior / Jennifer Lawrence

The famous dress the actress was wearing when she got the “Oscar” and fell on the stairs looks kind of lackluster on the model. It’s also good that Jennifer decided to not put on that specific head piece.

3- Ralph & Russo / Penélope Cruz

Penélope Cruz is one of those celebrities who can’t be remembered for having any fashion fails in her past. This bold dress looks as good on the actress as it does on the model.

4- Thierry Mugler / Kim Kardashian

This socialite is known for her outstanding shape and that flirty neckline looks better on her than on the skinny model.

5- Jean-Paul Gaultier / Kim Kardashian

This golden gown looks more erotic on Kim. Do you like how clothing looks on curvy women?

6- Marques Almeida / Rihanna

This singer is known for her love of bold fashion. Perhaps that’s why even the most awkward-at-first-sight outfits look stylish and organic on Rihanna. Would you wear this fur coat?

7- Christian Dior / Rihanna

The extravagant coat got a new and more attractive look on the singer.

8- Giambattista Valli / Rihanna

The famous Rihanna dress is hardly recognizable on the model. Who do you think it looks better on?

9- Ralph & Russo / Jennifer Lopez

The fabulous J.Lo has never been known for her model-like skinniness. And the example of this dress proves once again that outfits don’t always look better on models.

10- Gucci / Salma Hayek

This hot Mexican woman also doesn’t strive to have a skinny body shape and feels proud of her feminine curves. She chooses dresses in different styles and doesn’t feel shy about wearing outfits that were first shown on skinny models on the runway.



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