10 Most Beautiful Girls Indian Guys Would Love To Follow On Instagram


From Orkut to Facebook and now from Facebook to Instagram, our favorite social media place has changed over the years. The photo-sharing application has become our favorite pass-time. Instagram isn’t just an application that lets you share your pictures but also lets you showcase your talent infront of the world.

From comedians, singers, dancers to bloggers, netizens from every field are showcasing their talent on Instagram and receiving an enormous amount of love from all the corners. Besides all the creative people on social media, Instagram has become a perfect host for all the sizzling and hot models from all over the world.

And when it comes to beauty and hotness, Indian models are no less than the foreign models. These hot models keep raising the temperature on Instagram with their bold and hot pictures, and because of the same, they have gained a huge fan following on Instagram.

From giving us some major fitness goals to making our heart skip a beat with their hot looks, these models are no less than our Bollywood actresses.

Here, in this article, we bring you some of the hottest Indian models on Instagram that are not just beautiful but will also give you some major goals about life. Have a look :

1. Ruma Sharma:

2. Aditi Budhathoki:

3. Zara Yesmin:

4. Prajakta Dusane:

5. Gauri Mehta:

6. Heena Panchal:

7. Ranjana Godara:

8. Richi Shah:

9. Sakshi Malik:

10. Diya Lamba:



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