10 Indian Movies that Displayed us the Most Disgusting Age Gap –


They say “all you need is love.” They also say “age is just a number.” But every so often when you’re watching a movie, you see a mismatched couple (or at least one lovestruck stalker) taking things a bit too far. When it comes to cinematic relationships, sometimes the number of birthdays really does matter, and we got a little weirded out when we saw these uncomfortable age gaps in movies.

1- Madhuri Dixit and Vinod Khanna (Dayavan)

The movie had some very uncomfortable romantic scenes between a 42 year old Vinod Khanna and a 21 year old Madhuri Dixit.

2- Sanjay Dutt and Prachi Desai (Policegiri)

This movie was the remake of 2003 south Indian movie ‘Sami’. In the movie we can see 58-year-old Sanjay Dutt romancing a 29-year-old Prachi Desai.

3- Ajay Devgn and Sayesha Saigal (Shivaay)

We literally went in shock when Ajay announced that he will be romancing a 19 year old Sayesha in Shivaay. Ajay was 47 year old back then in 2016 when the movie released.

4- Amitabh Bachchan and Manisha Koirala (Lal Badshah)

It was not at all pleasant to watch a 57-year-old Amitabh Bachchan and a 29-year-old Manisha Koirala romancing each other.

5- Salman Khan and Sneha Ullal (Lucky- No time for love)

In this 2005 movie we can see the romance between a 40 years old Salman an 18-year-old Sneha. The weirdest mismatch.

6- Om Puri and Mallika Sherawat (Dirty Politics)

It was really uncomfortable and disgusting seeing a 65-year-old Om Puri getting intimate and falling for a 39-year-old Mallika Sherawat in the movie.

7- Himesh Reshammiya and Hansika Motwani (Aap ka Suroor)

In this disaster movie we can see a 34 year old Himesh and a 15-year old Hansika romancing. (They more looked like father-daughter duo).

8- Rajnikanth and Sonakshi Sinha (Lingaa)

With an age difference of 37 years between Rajnikant and Sonakshi, they both were seen romancing in a 2014 movie named Lingaa.

9- Mammootty and Isha Talwar (Balyakalasakhi)

Can you imagine a romance between a 63 years old guy and an 27 years old girl. Well it happened in 2014 Malayalam movie ‘Balyakalasakhi’ where we can see a 63 year old Mammootty and 27 year old Isha playing love interest of one another.

10- Mohanlal and Amala Paul (Laila O Laila)

In this Malayalam movie Mohanlal a 55-year-old loves and marries Amala a 24-year-old. Isn’t it strange??



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