10 gifts to give Christmas for Bitcoin lovers!


You cannot escape from it during this holiday period. You have to give gifts and it is not always easy to make choices.

If you have friends who also like cryptocurrencies and bitcoin (or like you?), Then I have made a small selection of bitcoin gifts for you.

Maybe you are interested too, who knows?

1 / A piece of Bitcoin plated in 24-carat gold

Because they have no bitcoin in their digital wallet, many people like coins. For example, I have a few, but it’s more for taking photos for this blog. Otherwise it is always nice to have a nice bitcoin coin in the protective case. The coin is made of copper but is covered with 24 carat gold. It always is.

click here >> Yes, I want to see it up close

2 / An aesthetic and professional card game:

Some of us are still playing cards and if you want to surprise the gallery, there is nothing better than a beautiful card game like this. With a clean and at least original aesthetic, it is a class card game.3

>> See the card game

3 / Shorts for the beach or for hanging at home:

Well, I admit the graphics, it’s not that much, but hey, you never know if you like beach shorts, and you want everyone to know that you are interested in bitcoin, so yes, it can help you.

>>> View these beautiful (?) Shorts

4 / A Mug to remind you that the price of bitcoin will rise again:

Well, as I often say, I am a real hodler: it means that I have bitcoins that I don’t resell (well not yet). Well, this glass is therefore ideal for people who are very happy with their bitcoins and who do not want to sell it (in the near future).

5 / A LED lamp to decorate your somewhat dated apartment

We have done many competitions at Zonebitcoin by offering this LED light.

It changes into 7 different colors of red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, white. What is practical is that the lamp is connected via the USB port of your computer or something else. So it’s frankly easy and convenient to use.

>>> See the LED lamp in 7 colors

6 / A batch of 100 bitcoin coins for … nothing

Made from plastic, I admit that this is not the best of the best. That said, if you are also looking for scenery, then it may be good for you to have so many rock-hard pieces.

>>> View the batch of 100 bitcoin coins

7 / A sticker to stick anywhere (in your office, bedroom, computer, etc.)

To be honest, I think this is the most useful of this entire list. I also bought several myself.

Yes, a sticker is much more useful than you think.

>>> Order a sticker

8 / A bitcoin night light for those who love soft light

It is true that this wooden night light is more aesthetic than the other.

So, well, if you like bitcoin and night lighting, maybe this is the perfect choice for you?

>>> See the bitcoin night light

9 / A bitcoin T-shirt because it really is the number 1 object of the crypto community

Ah, I’m not going to describe too much, because a T-shirt is just a T-shirt. That’s how cool it is when you meet a man (or girl) who wears him on the street.

10 / Because a cap is always handy

The title is enough, right?

Otherwise a nice holiday (with or without a bitcoin gift ^^).


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