10 Bollywood Horror Flicks That Were Actually Hilarious


Bollywood always sucks in one genre of movie that is always in huge demand from movie watchers and Bollywood fans. That one genre is horror. If you search out the whole filmography of Bollywood horror, even then you can only find one or true honest horror movies like Tumbbard and 1920.

The rest of the movies are cash grabber in the name of
horror. These movies definitely chill your spine but not because of horror at
all. So check out the list of 11 Bollywood horror flicks that are everything
but not horror at all.

Haunted 3D: 

People have a different opinion for the movie as it is established in Bollywood as the first 3D movie. The script is very amazing as the protagonist travels back in time to undo a murder so that the place won’t be haunted.

There were some scenes that were new horror like the piano
moment. But the rest of the movie was a love story, one part Mimoh Chakraborty
dance performance, and creating a story. If you have watched the movie then you
may understand how hilarious it was.


Kaal is an effort to make a new horror in Bollywood but failed miserably. First of all… it starts with an item song. Actors and actresses were glamorized with their shots and scenes. The mystery was formed on the basis of Ajay Devgn’s character.

And at last… A tiger turns into a man-killer explaining why all the killings took place. The movie didn’t even count as horror due to its bogus suspense play to run the show-reel.


A compelling story that a divorcee wife moves to a cottage in the jungle with her daughter and brother. However, she encounters paranormal activities from the ghosts of criminals. Well… Tabu is playing the lead role in the horror flick that is certainly not horror.

The story is more focused on the emotional story of the
characters than to the horror part. Seriously, there’s nothing scary about the
movie at all.

Paapi Gudia:

The film is about a criminal who uses a possessed doll to lure children and kill them. To make the point of being hilarious, the name of the movie is enough. However, it was a terrible remake of the Child’s Play from Hollywood.

1920 Evil Returns:

1920 is a classic horror movie back in 2008. But the sequel of the movie is very bad as it follows the story of a poet and a girl who loses her memories and then gets possessed by ghosts. With tons of scary sounds and VFX, the movie completely missed the mark of being a true horror like original 1920.

Raaz 3:

 Raaz 3 is more like a love triangle movie instead of a Vikram Bhatt’s special horror. You will see Emraan Hashmi in his best version by romancing the lead actresses and dancing in the movie, instead of getting horrified. That’s kind of Indian horror!

Darna Zaroori Hain:

Ram Gopal Verma is continuously making horror flicks and even put prize amount to watch it alone in theatres. We all appreciate the director’s effort to create a film like Darna Mana Hai as true horror for an Indian audience but for Darna Jaruri Hai we can’t appreciate him. There’s nothing horror in Darna Jaruri Hai, not even matching the premise of Darna Mana Hai.


A movie based on the life of crow. Sounds intriguing? The movie was based on superstition and black magic. And what should be horrific turns out hilarious as a crow in the lead role.


A suspense thriller sold to the audience in the name of Horror is Sssshhh. A story of fast friends who decided to go on a vacation trip and get killed one by one. The killer was one of the group members. Sound scary to you? I think it’s not.

Band Darwaza:

 And now the time to revisit the era where horror used to be an erotica horror. We understand the technology issues of that time but the makers of Band Darwaza did everything to make it the worst classic of all time in the Bollywood.

This is the shortlist of 11 Bollywood Horror flick that was not horror. I wish to create another article on the same premise with 11 Different movies. But opinions and advice from readers are a must. You can extend the list by commenting on other horror movies that are hilarious.


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