10 Bollywood Actors Who Made a Big Mistake for Doing These Shitty Films –


All successful Bollywood actors who have seen their share of super hits and blockbusters, have also witnessed lows and great flops. But the failure of a film doesn’t necessarily mean that the actors regret them!

The films to be regretted are have a class of their own. They are so bad that it might require their entire careers successes to seek redemption!

And there are stars who got candid about such regrets. Not that they can really do anything else to change these bad decisions than be vocal about them!

Here are the films these popular actors have regretted in their lives!

1- Amitabh Bachchan – Aag

After working in the industry for decade even Big B made the mistake of singing the dooted line for RGV’s Aag.

In an interview, he said, “I feel an actor and a director should be held responsible for the failure of a film. I won’t say I made a mistake. I worked on the film with all honesty. Maybe it was not a right decision, we accept that.”

2- Katrina Kaif – Boom

Bollywood debuts are a dream for so many people, now imagine that you have to regret it! Boom was exactly that for Katrina.

She said in an interview, “When I signed the film, I was not aware about Indian culture and tradition. Had I known that aspect of India, I would not have done the film.”

3- Shahid Kapoor – Shaandaar

The popular actor had the storyline of the film to blame after film successfully tanked at the box office. Seems like it isn’t one he is very proud of it!

4- Ajay Devgn – Rascals

How can you expect an actor who has the caliber to do roles like Singham and Gangaajal to do a dud like Rascals? We are still in shock. A script totally out of his comfort zone, turned out to his biggest regret. In an interview he said the he has not watched the movie till date.

5- Aamir Khan – Mela

Mr. Perfectionist also has his share of regrets. Aamir had quite some other expectations of Mela, than what it turned out to be. The super flop thus landed in his list of regrets.

6- Saif Ali Khan – Humshakals

From Dil Chahta Hain to Kal Ho Na Ho to Omkara, Saif has always impressed us with his acting skills. Why on earth did he agree to do a movie like Humshakals? Seriously, why? Turns out that the flim could be Bollywood’s biggest regrets and Saif Ali Khan did not shy away in shunning it as his career’s regret.

“I did the film thinking that it will help me expand my market, but obviously that wasn’t a clever idea,” said the actor in an interview.

7- Rahul Bose – Maan Gaye Mughal-e-Azam

This Mallika Sherawat starrer was a sloppy mistake of actor Rahul Bose. He once jokingly said that he wakes up sweating to his wrong movie choices.

8- Govinda – Kill Dill

As the movie got into its second half Govinda’s regret set in! The actor was anyway skeptical about playing a negative role and wasn’t getting any offers of his choice.

The actor said in an interview, “My family told me to take up the offer, or I’ll be left behind”.

9- Priyanka Chopra – Zanjeer

Gaining praises for her terrific act in Barfi, what made her sign a movie like Zanjeer where she was nothing more than eye-candy?

10- Ranbir Kapoor – Besharam

From the beginning of his career Ranbir has been very choosy about his films. He gave back-to-back hits with movies like Rockstar, Barfi and Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewani. We still wonder what convinced Ranbir to do the film Besharam?



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