10 Best Memes On Narendra Modi’s Hilarious Takedown Of Rahul Gandhi In Lok Sabha


Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again gave it back to the former National President of the Indian National Congress Rahul Gandhi after Mr. Gandhi incited people of India to hit PM Modi with sticks. While addressing a rally in the national capital, Rahul Gandhi had said:

“The PM is right now delivering speeches, but six months later, he will not be able to even leave his home. The youth of India will beat him up with sticks and make him understand that this country will not be able to make progress until jobs are provided to them.”

But, as always, PM Modi was totally aware of his statement while addressing the Lok Sabha and he gave it back to Rahul Gandhi is his trademark style. PM Modi said:

“I was hearing the remark made by one of the Congress leaders that I will be lathi-charged within few months. I have been “Gaali proof” after hearing so much abuse. Now, I will do Surya Namaskar for six months and toughen myself up to bear the blows. I am humbled that they have announced it beforehand so now I will exercise and make myself fit for it.”

This reply by PM Modi became the hottest topic of discussion on Twitter as his followers started trolling Rahul Gandhi for failing once again against Narendra Modi. Soon, a meme war was started by Twitterati and Rahul Gandhi became the center of all jokes yet again.

Check out the video here:

Check out some of the best memes here:


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